I am Theo Riley, a 28-year-old trans man new to the world of writing original work!

I am better known as the Blaque Maggot, hence my url and common username. I rather like being known as a Maggot due to the content in my work, as you will learn in my About section. I am, after all, a dark creative.

I'm a brutally honest fellow who writes all sorts of unpleasant, unusual things in explicit, brutal adult stories.

Having written fanfiction for the majority of my life, I decided to break away and work on original work when I became exhausted with my fanfics. I could never finish them, and the few that I did finish were...unsatisfactory.

So, this makes me a very new writer, overall! It's obvious, it's painful, but I'll get better.

You might want to read the list at the right...

What I include in my writing

Abuse (all of them)
Tentacle sex
Male pregnancy
Human/oid hermaphrodites
Graphic violence and gore
Psychological horror and torture

Several philias, including but not limited to:
Vorarephilia (hardcore and softcore)
Chronophilia (all of them)

Other fetishes, including but not limited to:
Tongue fetish

My stories are currently all under major development!

Bugaboo & The Grinn King

A dark supernatural horror romance.


A polyamorous horror romance.

A King and His Pawn

A dark psychological erotic horror.

Demons & The Bad Breed(s)

A story with with romance and plot.


A gentle erotic romance with merpeople.

The Boy That Bitched The Bat

A dark but non-sexual m/m romance.